Filorga Sleep & Peel: Resurfacing Night Cream 50ml

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Product Description :-

A cellular renewal booster, Filorga SLEEP AND PEEL Resurfacing Night Cream is ultra-soothing and protective to struggle against prematue aging. A soft, renovated skin, full of energy from waking-up. Night after night, the complexion grows glowing and wrinkles grow fade.

NCTF + hyaluronic Acid is this care's cocktail, to which is added 6 varieties of acids (AHA and BHA), with different molecular weights, which guarantee a gradual and conrtolled exfoliation. Azelaic acid, encapsulated in liposom, and Pyruvic Acid, ensure a triple moisturising*, anti-comedolysis and antioxidant action. 2 matrikies actions conjugate to a brown alga for effective soothing, protective and anti-aging actions.

Skin refinds a genuine glare and an intense softness. Features look rested and pigmentary defects attenuate little by little.