Teoxane Advanced Filler Normal To Combination 50ml

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Teoxane Advanced Filler is powerful moisturiser to use both in morning & night which acts on the depth and volume of wrinkles. Right from day one, the cells are protected from free radicals which are responsible for skin ageing. Wrinkles which have been injected previously remain filled for longer.

Restructuring treatment.

A preventive treatment that protects against free radicals and changes to DNA.

The skin is renewed quickly: optimised desquamation.

The skin is thoroughly moisturised.*

A treatment that enhances the effects of injection



Hyaluronic acid microspheres: high hydration.*

Matrikines, bio-peptides: powerful anti-wrinkling effect.

Argireline®, a hexapeptide: reduces facial wrinkles caused by muscular contractions.

Vitamin C encapsulated: antioxidant which protects the lipid structure of cells.


USE :-

Apply Advanced Filler in the morning and evening on perfectly clean, dry skin. The airless bottle preserves the intrinsic qualities of the formula and ensures perfect hygiene. Advanced Filler is designed for daily use and can also be used between two injection sessions. It's soft texture gives a pleasant, comfortable feeling.